Custom Silk Pillowcase Set (eco-print)


Custom pillowcase orders take 1-3 weeks to complete

A one of a kind work of art that is healthy for your skin and hair.

Silk contains over 18 amino acids that hydrate, heal and keep you healthy.

Set of 2 100% Silk Charmeuse Queen/Standard Pillowcases with Envelope Style Closure

The eco print process creates a special and unique pattern on each piece using completely plant based dye stuff, and flowers.

Choose your color and add note at checkout w/ more color details, feel free to follow up with us via email regarding your order. If you have seen other patterns you like of our work we can use those as reference

*Important: Colors are inherently subjective so let us know more about the color you'd prefer and we'll get as close as we can


Please note that we can not promise an exact result as all natural dye stuff comes from different regions of the world meaning that soil and mineral content may effect the outcome.