Natural Dye Kit: Bundle Dye


Create your own Naturally Dyed Silk Scarf at home using our handcrafted kit, this is the perfect beginners exploration:

-One Pre-Mordanted (ready to dye) Silk Scarf/Handkerchief 

(*Raw Silk Noil: 18x18" / Silk Twill: 16x16")

-Dried Floral and Leaf Mix (seasonal)

-Cochineal (bug that produces range of pink/red colors)

-Iron Salts (to modify your color)

-Zero Waste Twine

-Printed Instructions 

 *You will need basic household items to complete this and a stainless steel pot*

Your scarf will be one of a kind, results vary based on your preferences and how you follow the instructions. (ranging in pink-purple tones)

*Scarf pictured in kit is the Twill Option. Raw Silk is a little bigger because bulk of fabric for a bandana tie.

Please note Raw Silk will have raw edges and Silk Twill Scarf has hand stitched edges

Ages 8+ with parental supervision


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