Bouquet Preservation

A typical bouquet preservation usually includes drying or pressing flowers, Soul Studio's take on immortilizing your special day is a bit different:

After your ceremony we'll take your fresh or dry flowers and extract color and prints from them using a natural dye technique called eco-printing. The result, a one of a kind piece of art you can wear or display, an heirloom to remember your special day.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your project to be completed from when we receive the flowers.


How do I get the flowers to you?


We offer Austin area pickup (small fee) or delivery. Additionally you can overnight the flowers if you want them to arrive fresh, or dry them for a week prior to sending our way in the mail.

What is the cost range?


Our minimum order is $250 which includes our labor and cost of fabric/additional materials. You can add gift wrapping for a small additional fee

Can I pick my own colors?


Generally we can give you an idea of what colors your flowers may give, but because of the mineral content of the soil and vast variety of flowers, it is hard to give an exact answer. Nature will pick the special results that are intended for your heirloom! If you want to add color from other natural sources, we can definetly do so!

Can I provide my own items to be dyed?


Depending on your project we can discuss dyeing a piece you provide. Fiber contents must be 100% natural

How many flowers do I need?


Generally a large bouquet or several table arrangements is enough for a small order. If your order is larger we ask for as many flowers as we can get

Can I surprise or gift this service?


We strongly suggest this as a surprise, it's always well received and so special! We commonly sneak flowers away without the bride even noticing. Generally we just get looped in with the florist or event planner to coordinate


Create an heirloom to remember your special day.



Prices start at $200. We have a range of clothing items (our designs) you can choose from including a slip dress, robe, kimono, matching sets, etc

Home Goods


Prices start at $75 and include wall art, decorative pillows, pillowcases, and other custom decor



Prices start at $50 and these items are commonly gifted to the family/bridal party! Options include scarves (variety of size options) sleep masks, scrunchies, gifts sets and more



Prices vary and can be completly custom designed just for you or something you provide for us to dye (see FAQ for more info)

How to Order

Send us an email with the headline: Bouquet Preservation to get started. Please let us know the date of your special day and if you have something specific in mind