Care Guide

Caring for your Heirloom Naturally Dyed Pieces:


How Do I Wash my Naturally Dyed Item?

-Hand wash and air dry all items. Not only is it much better for the environment but prolongs the life cycle of your special piece. 

-You may wash on gentle in your washer if absolutely necessary with cold water.

-Please use a Ph Neutral Detergent.

Brand new pieces may bleed, this is expected and completely normal.


How Do I Dry my Naturally Dyed Item?

-Hang dry out of direct sunlight (avoiding sunlight is always preferred)

-Avoid wringing fabric 


Can I Iron the Silk Fabrics?


-Ironing is highly encouraged though some of our fabrics may retain a few wrinkles if they are eco-printed with flowers (this is part of the process)

-We encourage you to set your Iron on it's highest setting, with no water and to move the iron around constantly with lots of pressure in circular motions.

-A spray bottle with half water and half white vinegar is a great/natural tool for releasing wrinkles. Please do not use any other wrinkle release products.


How should I treat stains? (by type of stain)

Acids - Immediately soak the garment in cold water for at least 30 minutes. Follow with a hand wash

Oils - Apply baking powder directly to the stain immediately and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Follow with a hand wash.

Makeup - Soak the entire garment in warm water with pH neutral detergent and if needed gently rub the spot with detergent.

Stain Removal Products - We do not recommend the use of traditional stain removal products on Naturally Dyed Fabrics

To treat stains any additional stains, dilute a small amount of pH neutral detergent in warm water. Soak the entire garment for at least 30 minutes and rub the stain if needed. Follow by hand washing with warm water.