Upcycle Kit: Bundle Dye (Pinks/Purple)


A beginner friendly kit to upcycle a piece or two (depending on size) from your wardrobe into something new with gorgeous pink and purples tones. If your piece has stains the eco printing/bundle dye process is perfect for covering those up.

Kit includes enough dye stuff for up to .5lb of fabric (womens large t-shirt~ or two small items) Please weigh your fabric if you are unsure


-Mordant for preparing fabric (see fiber content options*)

-Dried Floral and Leaf Mix (seasonal)

-Cochineal (bug that produces range of pink/red colors)

-Iron Salts (to modify your color to purple)

-Zero Waste Twine

-Printed Instructions 

-Access to our private facebook group (qr code provided with kit)



Your upcycled piece will be one of a kind, depending on how you follow the directions and options provided. Abstract color patterns, leaf imprints and other gorgeous one of a kind results are to be expected.


*Fibers must be natural (small percentage of synthetic okay)

Cellulose/Plant Based Fibers: cotton, linen, hemp, etc

Mordants include are Alum Acetate and Calcium Carbonate 

Protein/Animal Based Fibers: wool, silk, cashmere, etc

If your fiber is a mix choose the plant based option


Ages 8+ with parental supervision

Basic kitchen supplies are required including: stainless steel pot, tongs/spoons, glass/ceramic dishes, white vinegar, cheesecloth, parchment paper etc



A few notes on your garment/upcycled fabrics:

-white, cream or very light colors are recommended

-buttons generally will not dye but may absorb dye so be aware, metal buttons may create a small reaction on your piece

-screenprinting may be affected depending on age of the garment

-any detailing like embroidery/lace/etc may affect the outcome or dye differently

If you have any questions on your piece please send us a photo of garment with descriptive information to: hello@wearesoulstudio.com / with the headline: Upcycle Kit Question